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GoCaster, Let’s cast yourself 

 Easy way the Go-Live with professional Graphics, Video & audio, PowerPoint presentations and many more feature ! 

Broadcast yourself at : Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitch

 Record your Live session, and Re-Post it again! 

Fresh! Graphics overlay

Live stream your event with unlimited Graphics overlay. Our graphic engines let you creates complex titles and supers, choose position and lock it. add  your brand logo, and more.

Social Network distribution

Grow your community and reach audiences around the globe on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch with multi-platform distribution. Stream to Channels, Feeds, Pages, Groups, or your own site.

Live Audio Technology

we offer new technology audio system protocol to your live open space video studio. Get radio quality acoustic sound even in very loud environments.

VOD - We build for you!

 Vod service allows users to play back and download any one of a large collection of videos at any time. We offer customize site with your brand logo to share with your customers.
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